5 Takeways from Qonnections 2019!

Inspired by Josh Good's 5 favorite features videos for Qlik Sense, here are my top 5 takeaways from Qonnections2019:

  1. Data literacy: Technologies survive for 2 reasons: Usability and education. You can have the best software but it won’t survive if it doesn’t get the audience excited. We at GINQO have doubled down on training and this conference gave some fantastic new ideas. Qlik for it’s part is doing some great things with the Data Literacy Project which we’ll tap into.

  2. Customers: Our customers are awesome! To have Greg Ottawa paramedic take the main stage by a storm was awe-inspiring. Also, having 20 individuals from across Canada fly to accompany us in Dallas shows their commitment to Qlik and GINQO.

  3. The Team: This was my first Qonnections and it blew away all my expectations, not in small measure because I realized what an awesome team we have here at GINQO. It take commitment and leadership on part of our founder Ingo to fly almost everyone on the team first to Austin for a retreat and then to Dallas. Any good project needs good teamwork and this is a great way to create a great team. Thanks Ingo!

  4. Pace of Innovation: The first true multi-cloud end to end data analytics solution is a compelling product idea. Qlik seems to have doubled down on innovation and it shows in the constant product updates and acquisition strategy. We ourselves are excited to be part of that with more focus on data rather than only front end solutions. Check out what’s new in the April release here

  5. Excitement: You may have seen it if you followed our constant tweets and updates. We are just so excited to bring all the new technology to our customers. The energy at the Dallas Cowboys training facility was palatable. Qlik sure knows how to put on a great party!

To Learn about what’s coming and hear some our customers share their innovation. Please Register Here for GINQO Data Lounge on June 6th