Qlik WebConnectors

Data driven organizations think outside the box.  Omnichannel retailers are looking to find out the impact of social media spends and assess value against store, web and kiosk sales.  Hospitality organizations may want to know the impact of weather on sales.  First responders need to know how drive times vary in accessing resource and capacity planning.  These are just a few of the thousands of potential uses of data.  The power of today is that social media and the web are vast libraries of valuable information.  Unfortunately, almost all of that data is very scattered and in a format that is difficult to make use of.

Additionally, the dirty little secret of Web Analytics is that the publisher of the platforms (Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are constantly updating their APIs.  So if you are using a basic connector or writing your own, you need to pay attention to those changes or your data may be cut off before you get time to update your connector.  This is not fun work and can become a significant headache.

Qlik WebConnectors make it easy to load data from social media, business and other web APIs into QlikView and Qlik Sense, opening up new opportunities for dashboards and insight.  Each connector is maintained by the team at Qlik so that it is updated and since it is a web product, you are up to date.

Qlik WebConnectors combine with Qlik Sense and QlikView to also enable text analytics of unstructured text data. For example Tweets or Facebook Fan Page posts can be numerically scored for sentiment, (e.g. positive or negative comments about a brand). Keywords, concepts and parts-of-speech can also be extracted.

Qlik WebConnectors work with an ever growing list of APIs and an SDK means new connectors can be developed for your own organisation.



  • Business data is available from more sources
  • Combine internal and external data
  • Build holistic dashboards which provide 360° Business Discovery
  • Better support your social media and online strategy
  • Automatically and consistently gather data, saving time and effort
  • Connectors reflect latest APIs
  • Connectors available for:
    Facebook, Twitter, Sentiment & Text Analytics, Klout, Blogs, YouTube, bitly, FreshBooks, Google Analytics & Spreadsheets, Mailboxes, MailChimp, OData (e.g. Sharepoint), Solve360 CRM, MongoDB plus many more!