Demos are great but how about seeing your data on your dashboard ?  It's so easy to see the power to communicate the excitement and to justify the investment in this new approach to answering your own business questions.

A Seeing Is Believing (SIB) is an exciting mini project where we deliver a QlikView or Qlik Sense experience with your own data.  A typical SIB engagement takes 3-5 days and we will prove the value that QlikView or Qlik Sense can deliver.  After the completion of the SIB application you will have an evaluation period during which IT and business users can test and experience QlikView and Qlik Sense first hand.

No smoke and mirrors.  We understand that it can be a challenge to make changes.  We believe in the value of Qlik products and will provide you the evidence of how a deployment will change the world for your users to discover the hidden opportunities sitting in your data.

An SIB is a quick and low cost answer to prove how implementing Qlik's in-memory technology solutions for dashboard, analysis and reporting will provide you business value and return on investment.